LISTEN: A Bumpy Road to Ranked-Choice Voting

Supporters of ranked-choice voting argue that it might reduce partisanship and compel candidates to be less polarizing. New York’s recent confusing experience with ranked-choice voting offers some lessons. How does it work? Is it ready for greater adoption? Adam Kissel of the Cardinal Institute offers his take. See for privacy and opt-out information.


What If You Ate Moldy Bread by Accident?

Is it dangerous to eat moldy bread? 🍞 Can you eat a clean part of eat? If mold is only on one little corner, so maybe you can just cut that piece off? Or maybe search the loaf for a slice without this unwelcomed furry-looking bread invader? Just hold it right there! You don’t wanna do that, and you’re about to find out why! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep 174: Donut Loaf

It’s a bumper final episode of Sweet & Sour Month! The hosts are intrigued by a sour-cream pie crust, and Stefin’s finally tackled homemade milk kefir using freeze-dried starter (reminding Andrea of cowboy sourdough). In this week’s review, the duo dodge numerous frustrations to declare Shauna Sever’s Donut Loaf a huge, powdered-sugar-covered win. And who can resist the month’s final bake-along? Emma Christensen’s Buttermilk Quick Bread with an astonishing 10 variations, that uses your choice of fat, flour, and sweet or savory add-ins. Finally, the duo take a Dairy Deep Dive into the history behind some of this month’s tangy ingredients.

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